Monday, November 18, 2013

day 126 : cupcakes for turtle

did you have a great weekend?
for someone who is working from home ; i am finding myself with a pretty packed schedule! i am enjoying the flexibility ; but also am really learning about balancing & creating my own structure..
this afternoon i have my first lunch event with a 'professional woman's group.' i am hoping to really make some great connections and also find a few awesome business ladies that i can look up to and learn from!

this weekends good deed? 
i ate cupcakes!

we have a super cute {not vegan!} bakery a few blocks from our house & they have done a couple fundraisers lately. they did one in the summer for a dog named franco. he was in really, really bad shape & they created a 'franco' cupcake {it had his picture on it} & donated a portion of each treat sold to his medical fund. they ended up donating $9,000! {so awesome!}

this saturday ; they did it again. this time, the cupcakes were to help support a super-cute wiener-dog named turtle. he was a puppy mill dog that had been mistreated so badly & SO over-medicated that he had become resistant to antibiotics. he was rescued from the mill, developed pneumonia & required tons of medical care. he is still on the road to recovery & his medical bills are over $11,000!! to help offset the cost, sweet retreat donated half of all proceeds from the 'turtle cupcake' and $1 from all other cupcakes to his fund. 

daphne was a rescue dog & she need some medical care when she was found {she was trapped in a harness & her entire body had grown around it}. she need surgery & i know what a huge cost that is to rescue groups. without groups like this, so many {most?} of these dogs would die. they wouldnt find homes and they would never get a second chance. {makes me all sad & teary just thinking about it}

if you live in the twin cities, sweet retreat is awesome! they are a small, local business. on both occasions, they have chosen to donate a huge amount of their profits to charity. i really appreciate that in an owner and in a business! 

ps : dont forget to vote here and sign-ups for the december Be Nice Box are still open
{also, we are only 15 votes away from 2nd place and about 80 votes from 1st. i know it sounds like a lot ; but each person can vote once and then earn three 'bonus' votes. if 30 folks each get 4 votes in ; we would be in 1st place. voting ends at the end of the month & this money would open so many doors for us!} 

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