Friday, November 8, 2013

day 121 : kindness carousel {week 2}

lets end the week with a bunch of rad {and heart-warming links!}

1) did you follow the new york marathon last weekend? this article about the first man with down syndrome to finish is great!

2) firstbook recently tweeted this :
this holiday season, when you purchase a book for a child in your life, pick up a second one to donate.
every single child deserves books!

3) my friend kelly is hosting a 'holiday give & get swap' ; its a great way to send a sweet kindness package & make a new friend. bonus : everybody that signs up has a chance to win a subscription to the be nice box!

4) speaking of gift swaps : sign ups for the christmas city swap are open! this is such an awesome idea! you get paired up with a stranger and send them a gift // care package using ONLY things from your city! i love it! one thing i have learned about people from minnesota ; we love our state! it will be easy to come up with a package full of cool 'minneapolis' things!

5) this woman spent THOUSANDS of dollars on her dream wedding. with weeks to go before the big day, her fiance called the wedding off. her response? she donated the hall, the limo and the food to a non-profit, so their residents could hold a halloween ball!

6) fan of classical music? here is a video of a handel flash mob at the grocery store {i LOVE flash mobs!}

7) i want to give a shout out to a few awesome bloggers that wrote about the be nice box this week! kelly, heather, deanna, julie, lindsay

8) and finally, amanda & kiri {both be nice box subscribers!} posted a few photos of their good deeds this week! they are both super inspiring!!

*also, dont forget that monday is veterans day! is there is a vet hospital nearby? a nursing home? call & see if they will give you the name of a vet & send them a thank you card!

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  1. Thank you for linking up to my post lady! Happy to do it :) Reading the NYC marathon article now with tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing <3