Thursday, November 7, 2013

day 120 : give a book, take a book

good morning, everybody!
yesterday, sign-ups went live for the folks on the waiting list for the be nice box & i am so very thankful for the response! my little dream is growing ; so fun to share it with so many people.
also, if you arent on the waiting list ; sign ups will go live on MONDAY!

todays good deed?
checking out little free libraries in my neighborhood!
i have written about them before ; but they are one of my very favorite ways to spread kindness.
in our neighborhood alone, i would guess we have at least 25 little free libraries. every day when i am walking daph, we pass at least 5-7 of them.

i recently finished this book and thought i would share it with someone else.
{ps : do you see that their entire library is painted like a peacock?!}

at the end of our walk, we found this kitschy library. {the sides are covered in chalkboard paint and there is a little ledge with chalk ; so cute!}{also, the inside of this one is covered in paint splatter. there is a lot going on here...}

i picked up this book to take home and read. diablo cody is best known for writing the movie juno. but before she moved to hollywood, she spent time here in minneapolis. this book is her memoir.
{also, the title is candy girl. i was unintentionally covering the title}

have you ever used a little free library? are they in your town // city? you can check out a map of all the libraries in the country {i think there are over 10,000!}

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  1. 1) I really liked Candy Girl!!
    2) Did you know that Little Free Library was started in Madison, WI!?! Its been around here so long that it is crazy to me that it is in SO many different places now!