Tuesday, November 5, 2013

day 119 : support local & purchase gifts that support others

this weekend, i had a craft show, selling my knit cowls and hats. 
i havent been knitting much & my focus has been shifting lately. i have a lot of pieces i have created over time & was hoping to sell a bunch of them. 
{the show went really well & i actually did sell a quite a few!}

at each show, i like to walk around, meet other artists & support them.
throughout the year, i always purchase items & store them so i am never short when i need 'the perfect gift.'

i am a huge fan of local, handmade soap. i give them as gifts all the time & we have about 15 bars in the closet, waiting to be used.
i am convinced that once you start to use homemade soap made with REAL ingredients, you will never go back to the 'value pack' junk sold in stores.

i purchased 4 bars of hand cut soap, made with local honey. they all smell awesome! i will give three away & keep the pumpkin spice bar for the bathroom.
{if you want to purchase from myla, her shop is here}

{bonus : i told her about the be nice box & i have a few ideas on how we can work together!!}

have you started holiday shopping yet? 
do you have gifts that are always your 'go-to?'

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  1. Haha I definitely thought that was cheese at first glance, oops!