Tuesday, February 4, 2014

day 155 : the February Be Nice Box reveal {come see whats in this months box!}

happy tuesday, everybody!
the sun is shining here & its 5* {seriously, every degree above zero counts this winter..}. i have a lot of work to get done today, so my blinds are open & i'm eating a slice of peanut butter pie for almost-lunch ;)

quite a few folks {that don't subscribe to the be nice box} have mentioned that they wish they could see what is actually IN the boxes. thats a great idea. now that i have been working on the box for four months and have a {somewhat} solid work-from-home balance going, i finally feel ready to share.

another bonus : i will be completing & documenting all 12 of the tasks from the february box this month.
{that way, you can see what is inside and also the fun things that we are doing!}

this months theme : hugs & kisses
number of boxes : 57 people from 19 different states
our charity : the blessings basket project {read more about them here}
{our charity? we donate $1 from each box sold to a new organization each month}

a small blip about the be nice box : 
each box contains a list of 12 acts of kindness to complete throughout the month ; all relating to the theme. along with the list, there are 4 awesome, handmade, tangible items in the box to help complete some of the tasks listed. also in the box? a cool handmade gift for the subscriber as a thank you for making the planet better.

the post today is about the *tangible* items inside the box. there will be posts throughout the month about the good deeds *listed* in the box.

whats in the box? 
{also, i will be sharing more about our awesome artists throughout the month!}

1. fabric fortune cookies handmade by my mom! // 2. you are awesome cards by liv lane // 3. fair trade chocolates from mama ganache & equal exchange // 4. M&M tic tac toe game board {MN folks got a different item in their boxes} // 5. Valentine's coupons by Jessica Locke // 6. *super-beautiful* hand-sewn paper garlands from Marlene Gaige

ahhh, aren't these humans talented?! i was so blown away by how awesome the box fit together this month
note : i have gotten a few emails about people wanting to know where my mom sells the fortune cookies. she doesn't. so, if you would like to purchase some, let me know & we can set it up! 
{same goes for marlene's garlands ; she doesn't sell them in her shop, so let me know if you are interested & i can connect you to her!}

and if you are interested in the march box, you should know that there will be 70 boxes and we only have 28 left! 
{also, we are only shipping throughout the US at this time..}

thanks for following, everybody!
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