Tuesday, February 11, 2014

day 159 : EMPTY BOWLS {changing the face of youth homelessness}

{guys, i love that i am back to blogging ; it feels so great!}

last week, blake & i went to an annual event called 'empty bowls.'
i shared a photo on IG & a few folks said they have something similar in their communities ; i love it!

how does it work? 

the event was held at a community center in south minneapolis.
there were *hundreds* of ceramic bowls, cups & dishes made by local artists & local students.
you could pick out whatever piece you wanted. after you made your choice, a volunteer washed it {good idea!} and then you purchase it.
the suggested donation was $20 per piece ; but they also encouraged 'pay what you can.'
after you paid, you walked to the gym where a bunch of awesome local bakeries & cafes had donated soup, bread & dessert.
then, you fill up your bowl & enjoy a meal.

where does the money go?
100% of each and every donation goes to Nicollet Square ; they are a community housing project that provides low-cost housing to youth {aged 16-21} who have experienced long-term homelessness or who have aged out of the foster care system. there are 42 apartments available & most {90%?} are employed and many {45%?} are enrolled in secondary education. {i cant remember the exact stats off the top of my head, but i *think* i am accurate}

i believe in programs like this! 
i love the idea of providing shelter, counseling & a safe space to get back on your feet. i believe that we are all stronger when we offer a hand to the people in our community who need one. i honestly believe that we, as a country, can end homelessness. this event was packed. it makes me all goosebump-y to think of all the folks who came out in the cold, opened their pockets & helped to create real change in our community. 

tell us : have you ever been to an event like this?


  1. Love this! A local high school here has been doing something similar for many years. They always do it the day before the Super Bowl, and they call it the Souper Bowl. :)

  2. YESS!!! I love empty bowl events. My husband is the director at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis and we go to the one they host every year. It's so much fun and such a great cause.

  3. Dawn and I have been talking about possibly getting the MN bloggers together to go to an Empty Bowl event. Such a great idea!