Thursday, February 27, 2014

day 169 : put a {paper mache} bird on it!

you guys know ten thousand villages, right? 
they are an awesome {seriously, my favorite!} shop FULL of items made by folks all over the world! everybody is paid a fair wage & treated well! 
ten thousand villages buys items from them & then sells them in their stores all over the country {you can purchase items online, too!}
a few months ago, they opened their newest store just a few blocks from us {hello, AWESOME!}

i absolutely LOVE what they stand for! most of their staff are volunteers and super knowledgable! everything from jewelry, winter wear, paper products, coffee & metal works! handmade by people from around the world. {ah, gives me goosebumps!}

earlier this week, i had to run in and purchase a few gifts for friends and fell in LOVE with these paper mache birds from Haiti! 
cool, right? 
the birds were handmade in Jacmel, Haiti, and hand signed by the artist.
{fun fact : with the money that ten thousand villages paid him for this order, he was able to put his three children in school!}
when blake & i were in Haiti after the earthquake, we actually spent a weekend in Jacmel. we walked to  the water, played games at a boys home, rode a motorbike through rubble {scariest thing in my life!} and had the chance to practice our Creole.
Haiti holds a really special place in our hearts, so i knew that blake would love this bird.
he keeps it on his dresser, so he sees it each morning! {totally melts my heart!}

you can purchase the birds online here
if you are looking for a gift, i highly recommend checking ten thousand villages out! 
also, this ark has been on my 'i would love to own this' list for MONTHS!

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