Monday, February 10, 2014

day 158 : its 'clean out your computer' day!

each month, in the Be Nice Box, i try to include a good deed that includes self-care & feeling calm // organized in your own body // space. i think that is so important. a lot of times, people {WOMEN!} think that 'making a difference' is about everybody else & neglect themselves. 
self-care is essential to a good life. eating a donut, taking a yoga class, reading a magazine, ect ect ; i am convinced that all of those things have a 'kindness' ripple effect. i know that for me, when i am calm and in a good head space ; i am a better business owner, partner and human.

today is 'clean out your computer day.' 
i love this! 
since most of my day is spent on my laptop ; i tend to open a billion webpages, have photos all over my desktop {even though i have specific folders for everything} and have an inbox FULL of junk mail that just needs to be deleted // unsubscribed from.

take a small chunk of time today {i dedicated 45 minutes} to clean up your 'online life.' unfollow folks on social media that stress you out. unsubscribe from email lists that you don't read. put all of your photos in a specific space. wipe down your screen & keyboard. check your computer for updates // viruses.

when i sit down to my computer and see all of the 'online clutter' i have accumulated, its just like walking in to a messy house after coming home from vacation. 
a clean space equals a creative and efficient space.

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