Friday, February 21, 2014

day 166 : kindness carousel {week 11}

we had another burst of winter weather yesterday // overnight. the roads are horrendous and schools are closed again! blake is off today, so i have some work to finish up and then this afternoon, we will make cookies, wear jammies and watch house of cards!

how about some awesome links to kick off the weekend?!
{kindness carousel is a weekly feature where i share links, photos and articles that are helping to make the planet a better place!}

1) i think this 'heart bomb' was meant to happen over valentines day, but if you are crafty {and want to brighten someones day}, you can do this all year long!

2) i know that there are *millions* of dogs in the US that need homes & families, but this article {the pictures!} about US Olympians adopting stray dogs in Sochi warms my heart! also awesome? BarkBox will provide a lifetime supply of boxes to dogs adopted by Canadian or American athletes {here}

3) are you a fan of the Beatles? you can find 5 volumes of Beatles songs covered by awesome Minnesota artists // bands here. bonus : all the money raised goes to help fund music education!

4) my friend jen & her husband are in the process of international adoption. her blog is beautiful and her words are always so moving. i love knowing people who work so hard to make the world a better place.

5) is it bonkers that i want to go to new york just so i can go to this little free library?! {hello, its awesome!}

6) because i really love stories that make me cry... a letter to the woman & her child who sat at table 9

7) bloomington, minnesota {a suburb of minneapolis} is home to the mall of america ; one of the most massive structures in the country. four floors, an aquarium, thousands of shops, a movie theatre and an indoor amusement park. the mall has been around for 16 years {which makes me feel old!} and for the first time EVER, they have emptied all the fountains, brought all the coins out of storage and are going to donate them to The Walk to Cure Diabetes. the total : over $16,000 {IN COINS!!}

8) do you guys know One Hope Wine? they sell bottles of wine & money from each bottle goes to charity {cancer, the environment, education, autism, ect} they now have gift boxes everybody in your life. if you are looking for a great gift {that makes a difference!}, check them out!

9) this past week was a rough one for house fires, here in the city. five children were killed in a house fire & the remaining family members lost all of their belongings. the family of seven that lived below them, also lost everything. a couple days later, a 9-year old girl was trapped in her house {firefighters saved her}, but her family of 7 also lost everything. if you are feeling generous {be grateful for all of things we have!} ; you can find ways to help all three families. here & here

10) and, there are only 3 Be Nice Boxes left for March! if you want to join us, you can sign up here. the boxes will be shipped on Monday! {hooray for being ahead of schedule this month!}

have an awesome weekend!

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