Tuesday, February 25, 2014

day 167 : date day & chili for charity

happy tuesday!
i didnt mean to take the last few days off, but thats how it happened...
this weekend, my saturday shift was cancelled and i had sunday off ; and oh my, i love weekends off.
it felt great to relax!

on sunday, there was a neighborhood chili feed, with all proceeds going to the local food shelf.
you know that we love stuff like this, so we made a day out of it.
we took the bus to the center, ate chili {$3, with all of it going to the food shelf!}, made friends with strangers and hung out awhile.

{also, i won a couple things at the raffle ; both of which i dont need, so look for those as future good deeds ;)}

after we were finished eating, we decided to walk the 4 miles home. it was a bit cold out, but thats what long underwear is for ;)
we had gotten about 10 inches of snow a couple days before, so everything looked like a scene from a movie!

good deeds and fresh air!
tomorrow i will be sharing our charity for the march box!


  1. I'm doing a half marathon at the end of April, so I walked 3 miles yesterday. With all this darn snow there was no way I was running, but it felt good to move!

  2. 4 miles in the snow is quite a trek! We got about a foot of snow here a couple weeks ago, and hubby and I walked to dinner, ate Mexican and had Margaritas... totally love walking in the snow. There is something very peaceful and quiet about it. I love the idea of a Chilly Chili cook off too, how cool!!