Monday, February 17, 2014

day 163 : RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS DAY {and a way to help two families who have lost everything}

hi everybody!
today is random acts of kindness day & i have something simple for you to do. {it will cost a small amount of money ; but i promise it will make a huge difference}

this is a pretty sad story.
last week, there was a duplex fire in north minneapolis and five kids were killed.
they were all siblings ; the dad & the two other children are still in the hospital. the mom passed away last fall with heart problems.
i dont even understand the amount of strength and perseverance it would // will take to overcome a tragedy like this. it breaks my heart. i hate that accidents like this happen. hate it. a single father, mourning the death of his wife // the mother of his kids and a terrible tragedy like this happens..
the fire started on the top floor of the house // duplex and while the folks downstairs are safe, they also lost everything in the fire.

if you are looking for a random act of kindness to complete ; these two families could really use your support.
if you are local {or fine paying shipping fees} ; this article has a list of clothes // items that the family in the bottom unit is in need of.
also in the article is an address where you can send financial donations.
if you dont feel comfortable sending a check, gift cards would be great, as well.
gift cards to places like wal-mart, target, cub foods, rainbow foods and secondhand stores like arc's value village and goodwill would all be helpful.
{if you aren't local, you can purchase gift cards online and have them shipped to the donation address.}

i know that different stories touch us all differently and we all compelled to act through different causes.
even a $5 gift card can purchase a small pack of diapers or a gallon of gas.
these families are experiencing great loss right now ; if you can help out in any way, please do! 

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