Monday, February 3, 2014

day 154 : {RECIPE} make a meal & a mini-kindness flash mob

*this post is sponsored by cub foods, but all opinions are my own*

monday! {and february!} i hope you all had an awesome weekend! i had the entire weekend off {first time in months?} and it was awesome. with my three jobs and blakes 3 hour commute each day, i feel like we arent getting a ton of time to connect lately, and this weekend was great. we didnt even do a ton of 'special' stuff ; but just hanging out at REI, running errands, watching netflix and snowshoeing was good enough for me! 
she is never far away when it comes to recipe testing..

i am sharing a recipe today! usually, i save recipes for my other blog {which i am so excited to bring back this month!}, but not today! 

the folks from cub foods {a midwest grocery chain ; i think they go by other names in different parts of the country. i know when i was in portland, win-co was very similar} reached out & offered me some gift cards in exchange for a recipe.

well, i love food! and i love simple, easy & tasty meals.
and the best part? since i didnt use all of my gift cards, i was able to surprise a couple of strangers with free groceries! {more on that in a min}

cinnamon sugar tortilla chips with fruit salsa
{takes 15 minutes & each small tortilla will yield 8 chips}
recipe adapted from here

what you need : 
*tortillas {i used 3 small whole grain tortillas}
*1/2 tsp cinnamon
*2 tbsp sugar
*2 tbsp butter {i use earth balance, which is vegan}

how to do it : 
*preheat your oven to 350*
*take a pizza cutter and slice your tortilla into wedges {triangles}
*brush {or dip} your wedges with melted butter & sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar
*bake for 10-12 minutes {i kept mine in for 10 minutes and they arent super crispy, which is what i like}
{if you want them super crispy // crunchy, 12-13 minutes would be best}

for the fruit salsa : 
what you need : 
*3 peach slices
*5 cherries {pits and stems removed}
*1/4c raspberries
{i used frozen fruit}

how to do it : 
*mix all of the fruit into a blender // food processor {i used the ninja single serve cup} and blend
you might need a bit of water to bind all of the fruit together!
also, if you dont like the fruit that i chose, pick something else! 

the kinda-slushy-ness of the frozen fruit tasted awesome with the buttery chips ; this was such a fun & easy snack // app // dessert! 
{you could even drizzle melted dark chocolate over the tortillas!}

{i got a new phone & for some reason, it wont connect to email, so i cant share the photos of my mini-flash mob ; which is a bummer}

after we bought our groceries, we had a few gift cards left. i brought one home to keep for a 'rainy day good deed' and passed another out to the woman ahead of us in the checkout line. her cart was FULL and as she turned around to smile at us, i handed her the gift card & told her it was my good deed of the day. she looked super shocked and wasnt sure if she should take it. she did. and she was super grateful. she explained that all of the groceries were for the girls ski team in her town & she was making dinner for all of them. a $10 gift card obviously didnt make a huge difference to her $140 bill, but i overheard her telling the cashier that she was just the recipient of a random act of kindness. 
{thats why spreading kindness makes all the difference, folks! people feel loved & appreciated and they also feel compelled to take that energy and pass it forward.}

just another quick thank you to cub foods for allowing us to buy some groceries and to create a few ripples of kindness in our community! 

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