Friday, February 14, 2014

day 162 : mini- Valentines Day kindness flash mob!

happy friday // Valentines Day! 
todays good deed was fun & didn't take a ton of time! 
in the February Be Nice Box, everybody received Valentines Day coupons {designed by Jessica} they were in packs of ten and i had three packs leftover after the boxes went out.
so this morning, daphne & i walked around the neighborhood and left them for folks to find.
on the front of each pack, i wrote that the cards were a random act of kindness {otherwise, i always fear that folks will see something on their cars and just think its garbage} 

our first stop was at the co-op ; i left it under the windshield wipers.
stop two was at the liquor store, but as i approached the car, i saw there was a woman sitting in it...
we walked past the vet clinic & one of the cars parked on the street {probably a vet or vet tech} looked inviting, so we placed packet number two.
and the third, we placed into the mail slot of a house at the end of our block. i dont know them, but know they have little kids, so i thought the coupons would be a fun surprise for them.

i would love to 'take back' valentines day & make it more about kindness & good deeds than crappy chocolate and overpriced flowers. i hope that the three random humans who find these coupons pass them on & use today to make others smile! 

did you receive the Feb box? have you passed out your coupons yet? share with us!

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