Thursday, February 20, 2014

day 165 : help a lost dog find his family!

this one is pretty easy & its one of those good deeds that cant be planned.
{and really, the ones that 'just happen' are the best ones, right?}

so, i follow a facebook page called 'lost dogs of minnesota.' if you are in minnesota {even if you dont have a dog} i *highly* recommend following their page. 
when someone finds a dog, they fill out a form {all the work is done for you, you just fill in fe/male, breed, where you found them, are they wearing a collar, ect} & it gets posted on the website. if you lose a dog, you do the same {name, age, breed, where they got loose, ect} and it goes live.
the site is all volunteer run and super active. there are over 31,000 folks that 'like' the page & there is always a ton of sharing and helpful advice.

we are so very lucky that daphne has never gotten loose, but a site like this is invaluable! 
we have posted, shared and searched for a large number of dogs because of this site.

yesterday, i was working on the boxes and someone found a shiba inu in our neighborhood. she posted a great picture and left all of her contact info {usually, once dogs are found, they almost always find their way back home. i just get so nervous when dogs are loose..}. 
a couple hours later, a post went up from a lady saying she lost her shiba inu in our neighborhood. 
well, same breed, same weight, same area ; same dog, right?
i know that if daphne was lost, i would be out moving mountains trying to find her. i wouldnt be on facebook, checking the comments on my 'lost dog' ad.
so, i called the owner & left her a voicemail saying her dog had been found & left the finders contact info.
and then, i called the finder to tell her about the posting and gave her the owners contact info.
as the finder and i were chatting, the owner called her.
they connected and papi went back home! 

i know that i didnt do much & someone else would have called them if i hadnt ; but it made my heart feel so great knowing that this scared, lost dog would be meeting up with his forever family soon.
also, how awesome of the finder to take time to pull this guy off the street, keep him safe and give him a place to hang! she could have just let him wander away! he could have gotten hit by a car or wandered further from home. but, she stepped in and saved him! 
i am so thankful for the do-ers! 

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