Friday, February 7, 2014

day 157 : kindness carousel {week 10}

happy friday, everybody!
i have another lot of inspiring links to share!
{kindness carousel is a weekly feature where i share positive links that focus on kindness & work to make the planet better}

here we go :

1) doug rauch {a former 'head hauncho' at trader joes} is opening a new store that will 'sell outdated food at junk food prices.' thoughts?

2) jen wrote a post on ways that you can practice digital kindness 

3) YES! lets talk about online bullying & hate blogging // save your energy for shit that matters!

4) ah! the power of social media & kind hearts! six years ago, a man was going to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. a random stranger approached, talked him down & changed his life. recently, the man who almost jumped searched {and found!} the man who saved his life! here

5) yay for advocacy! 6 kids who are changing the world in the name of animal rights! 

6) eating well & organic is so important to me! here are 12 tips for saving money when shopping at whole foods

7) have you seen this article // video yet? a mentor in houston, texas paid off lunch fines for 60 kids.

8) an inspiring story about ending homelessness! a challenge in rapid-rehousing ; 100 days, 30+ organizations & 545 families moved into homes! way to go, virginia!

9) one of the good deeds in this months box is 'thank an olympian in your life' ; katy did a post about her dad! {as someone who has no relationship with my father, i love this}
10) my friends karla & elizabeth {also owners of my CSA, bossy acres} posted a photo of their Feb Be Nice Box. you can see a full reveal of the box here.

11) this week, a young guy was biking in minneapolis and was hit & killed by a drunk driver. this is a pretty powerful article {most of the comments are good, too!} if you spend any time on the road {biking or driving} ; it really is worth a read.

see you tomorrow!
{ill be back talking about girl scout cookies ;)}

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