Thursday, February 13, 2014

day 161 : receive free stuff & then give it away #bluediamond

hi everybody!
todays good deed is easy and really only took a second.
i have been blogging for quite a few years now ; my topics have been all over the map {scrapbooks, crafting, lifestyle} ; but in the past years and a half, my other blog has become a fitness // vegan lifestyle blog. because of that, i have had the opportunity to work with a ton of really great companies.

last week, the folks from blue diamond sent me two canisters of almonds. {in honor of the olympics, the lids are gold  & there was a lanyard in the box. when you finish a can, you cut up the lid, string it on the lanyard and you have a gold medal!}
almonds are such a great food ; easy to take with you, nutrient dense and you can use them a million different ways.
i decided to keep one canister of almonds {i like to make my own almond milk & butter} & donate the other canister to the food shelf {there is a large box at the entrance of our co-op, so its super easy to shop & donate to others while you are shopping for yourself}

i know that one canister of almonds wont cure hunger, but just think of the impact we could have if we all donated an item or two a week to our local food shelf!

thanks to blue diamond for helping me complete a simple act of kindness!

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