Thursday, February 6, 2014

day 156 : send an article to my grandma

this one was easy!
i am a huge fan of reading newspapers & magazines.
when there are things i want to remember or articles that remind me of other folks, i like to tear them out and mail them.
i have a huge 'real life' pinterest board folder where i keep recipes, workout tips and articles that i dont want to forget.
i know that both my mom and my grandma are the same way.

a couple weeks ago, i was interviewed for the Southwest Journal. {you can read the article here}
since my family is in iowa, they read it online, but would rather have a hard-copy.
so, thats what i did today.
i sent a copy of the article to my grandma.

being creative isn't new in my family. my dad butchers & makes his own wine. my mom is incredible on a sewing machine {and playing the piano}. my grandma is a super talented artist.
my family have all done their 'talents' as side jobs ; i am the first one in my family to try and turn a hobby {this blog and now the box} into a business.

i think that my family is proud of what i am doing, but also sees how incredibly risky it is {i get it..}
sending this article to my grandma is fun for her, but its also a reminder that this kindness movement is real. its important to people. and sometimes, that is worth celebrating!

see you tomorrow! 

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