Monday, August 4, 2014

day 244 : team vega REVIEW // #fuelyourbetter

happy monday! 
this is a sponsored post. the awesome folks at vega provided me with free product, in partnership with fit approach {because i am a #sweatpink ambassador}. as always, opinions are my own.

any look at my recent instagram photos {you can follow me here}, and you'll always find photos of recent workouts, my bike and smoothies.
i have been vegan for almost 5 years now, and found vega products about 2+ years ago! 
i use their chocolate protein powder every day in my smoothies {flax + almond milk + peanut butter + bananas + vega}. it keeps me full & tastes like dessert! 

the new #fuelyourbetter campaign is great! whatever you are doing, fuel better! 
since i don't own a car, i spend a lot of time on my bike. 
along with that, i am currently training for another duathlon {7 weeks to go!} 
running is pretty hard for me {my body feels so much better on the bike!} ; but i have been making an effort to hit the streets about 3 days a week to work on my speed! 

vega sent me a box of vega sport recovery protein in vanilla. 
 i will admit that i am much more of a 'chocolate' girl than 'vanilla' ; but i just love how vega isn't chalk-y! i have tried a lot of powders, and vega, by far, is my favorite!
{and hello, completely vegan!}

i think my favorite thing about the #fuelyourbetter campaign is that you can head here and actually customize your own fueling plan. i love it! our bodies do so much for us & its important that we understand its needs. i really love hot yoga, and i have learned that the fuel i need after an hour in a 105* yoga room versus what i need after completing a 3-hour bike ride isn't always the same! 

the vanilla flavor was a bit sweet for me, so i ended up splitting my packets in half! 
my favorite smoothie was almond milk + mixed berries + 1/2 packet of the recovery protein + banana + peanut butter! i also love the dark purple color of the smoothie! 
you can head here to check out all of the vega sport performance products!
thanks again to the awesome folks at vega & fit approach!

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