Wednesday, August 6, 2014

day 246 : save Mr. Jiggles {reuniting a lost dog with his family}

this one was pretty easy.
one of my favorite things about this movement, is that good deeds just 'seem to appear.' i use to be so worried about scheduling or planning them out ; but i find that there are opportunities each and every day to practice kindness.

the other day, daphne and i were finishing our afternoon walk, when we saw a dog across the street, just wandering around. we couldn't approach because daph has issues with other dogs & i didn't want to scare him. we stood across the street for a few minutes, waiting to see his behavior and if he had a human anywhere in sight.

i knew the dog was wearing tags, because i could hear them jingling whenever he moved. a family on bikes came by & i asked if they could hang with him for a min, while i dropped daph off at home. i dropped her off, grabbed an extra leash {we always keep two by the door for this very reason} & some treats. the family had tried to call the numbers on the tag, but nobody answered. the name tag said his name was jiggles.
i slipped the leash on & jiggles and i walked up to the neighborhood vet clinic {its only a block away. seriously, our neighborhood is the best!} we scanned him for a microchip, but he didn't have one. finally, we called his vet clinic {he was wearing a rabies tag} & got a list of phone numbers. 
after about 20 minutes, i got ahold of mr. jiggles' human, who didn't even know he was lost, and he came to pick him up.

the family was so grateful and happy he was safe.
as the owner of a dog with special needs, daph getting loose // lost is one of my greatest fears. her collar has her name, both our numbers, her city id number AND her clinic info. on top of that, she is microchipped. 
mr jiggles wasn't chipped and i called 5 different numbers {two of which were disconnected} before someone answered.

if you have a pet, please make sure all of their {and your!} info is up to date.
and chip your pet! its affordable & easy, and almost guarantees your pet will get home safe! 

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  1. I'm glad that you were able to find his family! That is great! I actually just went through something very similar with one of my cats. We now have all the information updated with the vet's office, she has her collar (complete with tags) back on & the new kitten we got will be getting a microchip when he goes in to get his "manhood" taken care of. I don't not want to go through what I did with my other cat, she was gone for eight days & my heart broke more & more each day she was gone. :(

    Mandie ~