Friday, August 1, 2014

day 243 : kindness carousel {WEEK 19}

raise your hand if you want to be inspired by humans on the internet!

each week, i share some of the coolest links about kindness!
here we go:

1) looking for a new water bottle? grab this one & help save the world!

2) i try to read a lot about prison life & what is and isn't working in our prison system {i find it so fascinating!} npr did a story about an incredible program offered -----> life after 'life.'

3) I'm such a softy ; stuff like this makes me cry! {here}

4) i know its only august ; but bookmark this for the holiday season
5) another post about the holidays ----> a bit more giving, a bit less getting

6) you guys! my friend amanda wrote a cookbook! she's awesome & this book is great! go go go!
7) yay! 3,000 handwritten notes to cheer up strangers? LOVE IT!

8) want to spread MORE kindness? {on top of the be nice box, of course!} ; you can join the shine circle! 

anything to add?

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