Friday, August 29, 2014

day 255 : kindness carousel {week 22}

happy friday!
i have another round of awesome links to share with you!
today, i have a few awesome videos ; but instead of embedding them here, i have just provided the links!
{it drives me bonkers that they auto-start}

1) is this german city going to be the first to end hunger?
2) LOVE THIS! such an incredible dose of perspective ----> first world problems read by third world kids <----- seriously, you guys! WATCH THIS VIDEO!
3) {another video} this one came out about 6 months ago, and i still can't write about it without getting all teary! 5,000 people come together to sing 'clouds'
4) small biz inspiration #1 : 11 things i wish i knew when i started my business
5) small biz inspiration #2 : 20 things to do when business is slow
6) this video will get you all pumped up about singing to strangers!
7) finally, do you read Humans of New York? you should! you can follow them through their site or all social media channels. for 50 days, brandon {the photographer} is traveling the world, taking pictures & sharing them. honestly, this website makes me a better human! 

anything awesome to share with us?

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