Tuesday, September 2, 2014

day 256 : Be Nice Box CHANGES

hey everybody!
i hope you had an awesome long weekend!
can you believe that i only have about 100 days left of this project? i have been dreaming up my next 'year of' project that will start in january!

i have some news to share with you! 
last year, on october 1st, i got the idea for the Be Nice Box! in three weeks time, i had created a full business plan, a website, the monthly box format & sent the first 20 boxes out!

i am not sure i know all of the words to convey how much i love this little business. no doubt, my entire heart & guts are in this business, this mission & growing our community.

since the beginning, our box format has stayed the same: 12 acts of kindness, 4 tangible items & one gift ; all ship in a small box at the end of the month. and, for the first year, its been awesome! i have learned SO much about running a business, working with artists, and creating a time management system that {usually} works for me!

as i look to the future & try to figure out where i want to take this business, i knew i wanted to change something, but didn't know WHAT that would look like. one night, blake & i were out for a walk & he made a casual suggestion that i CHANGE the format of the box to QUARTERLY {instead of monthly}. immediately, i dismissed him, but kept coming back to it.

so, after talking, planning & organizing, i am ready to officially announce that the Be Nice Box is moving to a QUARTERLY format! 

what does that mean?
it means that there will be new boxes four times a year. {to ease confusion, lets talk about them as 'seasonal boxes.'}
each box will STILL contain 3-months worth of awesomeness! and, if you order between {for fall} September, October & November, you will receive the fall box! {they will ship at the end of September}
for example : the fall box will contain 30 good deeds {think more 'bucket list' style} ; the good deeds will be anything from 'baking a pie & sharing with friends or neighbors' to 'have a photo shoot in a pile of leaves & share the photos with others.' everything will be centered around fall and can be done anywhere in the US! your box will also contain 12 {TWELVE!} acts of kindness to complete and a super-rad handmade gift for YOU as a thank you!

we will still offer free shipping & will still be donating money to charity for each box sold!

already a subscriber? 
awesome! no need to do anything differently! your subscription will still be honored!
{if you purchased a 3-mo sub last month, you will have received the September box AND will receive the fall box ; talk about a great deal!}
if you have individual sub questions, please email or leave a comment!

will the prices change?
yep, but just a little! we will be increasing the 3-month price by just two dollars. that extra money will go towards some changes we are making to the physical box {on-box printing} and a new labeling system!

you can head here to check out the new listing!

any questions for me? 
i hope you are as excited about this as i am! by creating a quarterly system, we can also continue to build community, which is really what this entire movement is about!
thank you SO much for all of your support over the last 10 months ; i really appreciate it!


  1. You already know my thoughts on this & you but why not share them again & give you some more warm fuzzies? This idea is amazing, you are amazing, everything is just amazing. Again, if there is anything I can contribute to any of your boxes, please let me know. I would love to help out any way I can. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  2. Love love love your work ethic and this amazing product that you've made! I agree with going to the seasonal, quarterly boxes - that will be amazing for you & I can't wait to see what you accomplish! PS, I am totally obsessed with that "nothing that cannot happen today" print!

  3. I love the idea of 4 each month :) Congrats to taking the next steps!!!