Tuesday, September 16, 2014

day 265 : {for the Harry Potter SUPER FANS!} the complete filmmaking journey!

happy tuesday! 
todays post is for the HP fans out there! 
if my friends were given 10 words to describe me, i think that *most* would use 'harry potter' to define me! i really love harry potter! i read the series front to back once a year, i watch the movies on a rotating basis and the characters give me a sense of security and love! in april, blake & i actually went down to orlando to visit the harry potter theme park {you can see my recap here

a couple months ago, i happened to see someones retweet about a 'super-flash sale deal' that amazon was holding! they were selling this amazing set for $130 {with free shipping!} when the 'page to screen' set was originally released, it was priced at $1,000 {HELLO, a thousand dollars!} it was reduced to $600 {thats what its priced at today, too} but for a couple of hours on ONE day this summer, it was marked down to $130!
blake and i decided that he would buy it for me as an early {early} christmas // birthday gift! 

the set arrived a week later ; and OH MY GOSH, so incredible! also, the box weighed 45 pounds! the fedex guy had to actually bring it INTO my apartment! 

the set contains eight books ; including an exact replica of 'the monster book of monsters.' the book opens up and is hollow, so you can actually put things inside! there is an entire book with sketches and descriptions of every single creature from the books and shows how they were created for film. another book is solely dedicated to every single portrait in the movies. seriously, someone painted every single one & the detailed artwork is in the book.
another book is about costumes, and yet another is about every single graphic design label, poster or print from the movies. the 'daily prophet' issues are shown in detail, as well as the products from the Weasley's joke shop. also in the graphic design book, we see every 'educational decree' from the fifth movie.

the set is priced at $600 on amazon, so its crazy for me to recommend someone to purchase it {even as a huge fan, paying $150 would have been my limit!}. but as we are going into the holidays, i suggest watching the price & grabbing it, if it goes down!

this set is really incredible and there are more books & details i didn't even touch on! for any huge harry potter fan in your life ; these books are a must-see! i read the entire 'page to screen' book {the huge blue one with the castle on the front} over the course of a few weeks, but haven't read all of the others cover-to-cover yet. {i have read a few & flipped through most}

tell us: which harry potter book // movie is your favorite? 
{the 7th book for me is just SO amazing & i think my favorite movie is part 2 and/or 'the half-blood prince.' 


  1. I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan, I watch them when they're on ABC Family, and I've read them all once, but what a cool collection!!

  2. That's amazing! I will be watching that price for sure!!

  3. That is an awesome collection! Wow! I really love the Monster Book of Monsters. It cracks me up! I think that my favorite book was Order of the Phoenix & my favorite movie was Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (makes me cry every time!).

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  4. This is amazing. I wish I could just look through all of it. Enjoy!!!!