Wednesday, September 17, 2014

day 266 : talking about LIFEline Fashion & empowering women around the world

hey everybody! 
today we are talking about one of my favorite organizations! 
if you joined us for the april be nice box ; you received a hand-sewn canvas coffee sleeve from the folks at LIFEline fashion! if you live near a whole foods, you will be able to find their products or you can check them out here.

LIFEline is based in austin, texas and employs over 400 women in kenya. the women make hand-beaded bracelets, coffee sleeves, reusable tote bags and more! all of the women receive livable, competitive wages, safe working conditions, health care for themselves & their families and their children are able to attend school! many of the women have children with special needs, so a major benefit of this organization is the ability to bring these women together ; to create support and community! also super awesome, is that ALL of the materials the women use are sourced locally {in kenya!} that means that not only is LIFEline changing the lives of the mums, but they are also helping to build jobs & grow the local economy!
i know i have posted this article before, but this is a great piece from NPR about what life is like for families of special need children in kenya! 

a few weeks ago, LIFEline held a contest on instagram {you can follow me here} & i WON! i already have a few coffee sleeves, a reusable bag & a wallet that i have purchased over the past couple of years, but hello, how exciting! for my prize, they sent me a grab bag FULL of awesome products! 

i think the shirt {which they don't sell in the shop} & the bracelets are my favorite! both bracelets are SO beautiful ; the detail is awesome & the band is adjustable, which works for me & my tiny wrists! also, they included two wallets ; one i know i will gift to a friend & the other {the one with the elephant} will replace my old one! the 'save the wino bag' is so clever! blake bought a few of them to gift his coworkers!  

if you are looking for a gift with a greater meaning {hello, handmade AND helping to lift families out of poverty!} ; i highly recommend LIFEline! also, last winter they had holiday stockings {the ones you hang, not the ones you wear} for sale & i didn't purchase any. but this year, my plan is to grab one for myself, blake AND daphne! be on the lookout for those!

and again, i want to thank LIFElife for the sweet grab bag! how exciting to win all this gear that holds such a great mission!


  1. Those bracelets are so cute! I love when things have a story behind them.

  2. That is so wonderful! I'm glad that you won that package, couldn't have gone to a better person!

    PS - those bracelets are awesome! :)

    Mandie ~