Monday, September 8, 2014

day 261 : present at House of Genius

happy monday!
i apologize for the bad // blurry photos! 

last week, i had the opportunity to present at House of Genius! do you know it? you can check it out here to learn more AND to see if there is a branch in your area.

HoG is a really awesome networking // collaborative event. 
a group of people {who can only introduce themselves by first name and CAN'T ask // answer the 'so, what do you do?' question!} get together to help local entrepreneurs // small business owners tackle an issue or problem they are facing in their business.
i was one of three presenters ; when it was my turn, i gave a 5-min power point presentation, talking about my business and highlighting a few things i would like feedback on. 

most BNB subscribers are women & the entire audience were MEN! {there are two HoG volunteers // participants that are female} at first, i was a bit concerned they wouldn't 'get' my business, but seriously, the feedback was by far, some of the best i have received.
i left feeling super inspired and excited to grow my little business!

once we had all presented and given feedback, we went around the room and introduced ourselves & talked about our professions. 
even if you aren't a biz owner, i highly recommend you check HoG out, if its in your area! 

again, i apologize for the bad photos! i took them during intermission & we weren't really suppose to have our phones out! 

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