Wednesday, September 10, 2014

day 263 : DOG BONES! supporting local with Barkley's Bistro

one of my favorite things about being a small business owner is having the opportunity to meet & support other business owners who are doing awesome things! 
last may, in the 'feathers & fur' box, we featured dog biscuits from barkley's bistro! the owners are awesome & its been so fun watching their business grow!

this year, they had a booth at the MN state fair, we knew we had to stop by! 
we bought daph a big bag of blueberry & greek yogurt treats AND a bag of beer treats! the beer bones contain spent grains from a great local brewery!
you guys, she LOVES these treats! i see that they aren't available in their shop yet, but when they are, we will be sure to restock!
 this might be one of my favorite pictures of all time. look at that patient paw waiting for her treat! ;) 

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  1. What a good pupper sitting there waiting patiently for her treat. :)

    Mandie ~