Friday, September 19, 2014

day 267 : kindness carousel {week 23}

happy friday!
i hope you had a great week!
i have been super busy getting ready for the fall boxes, which ship next week. i am also launching a brand new kindness box for FAMILIES next wednesday! annnd, we have been getting our final workouts in before our duathlon TOMORROW! i am suppose to get in one more brick today, but i think i am going to go for a light run and an hour of hot yoga instead!

lets talk about kindness!
below are some of the best, most inspiring links around the web this week!

1) oh my gosh, you guys! if anybody is adding Daphne to their 'holiday gift buying guide,' please buy her this snood! if you followed me online this past winter, you know that her ears rip open and bleed EVERY SINGLE TIME we go outside! they got so bad, that we have to wrap her head in a turban each time we go out! this thing is awesome! and hello, she will look like a giraffe!

2) great post from braid creative about the differences between riches, wealth & success

3) when it comes to things pop culture-related, i am consistently out of the loop! i don't own a car {no radio} or a tv {so, I watch shows that everybody tweeted about 5 years ago!} i just heard 'happy' for the first time two weeks ago and really love it! this version done by the Deaf Film Camp is incredible! i have watched it many, many times & i tear up each and every time!

4) LOVE this article about the first Somali-American Police Liaison Officer in St. Paul! the article touches on cultural and political climates! i really admire Kadra Mohamed, for keeping tradition {wearing her Hijab & speaking her native language} and for breaking barriers {wearing pants and holding close contact with men}. one of my 2015 goals is to meet with 52 interesting people and she is totally on my list! 

5) maybe you've already seen this article? ---> this woman searched for 11 years to locate the people in a photo she found at Ground Zero on September 11th! not only does the story have a happy ending, but her perseverance and kindness over ELEVEN years is admirable!

6) YES! girls on bikes! ---> 21 photos of what REAL women bikers look like! {i would love to have seen more diversity ; other cultures, women of color ; along with older women!}

7) speaking of real women ; LOVE this video of Lupita Nyong'o & Elmo talking about loving your skin!

8) if you live in MN, i highly recommend you follow Lost Dogs of MN on FB. even if you don't own a dog ; they are doing great things & are such a great resource! the lovely folks at Sidewalk Dog recently went behind the scenes with Lost Dogs!

9) and finally, as a lifelong baseball fan, this gatorade commercial had me bawling! such an incredible farewell to one of the greatest ball players of all time! i was reading an article about their filming process & Jeter picked the music and helped with the idea. he really did just get out of the car and start walking. & the reactions you see from the kids & the fans is completely genuine!
also {soapbox}, with all the crummy and irresponsible behaviors we have been seeing from athletes lately, i am SO thankful to have followed the careers of athletes like Derek Jeter! this guy led by incredible example for the past 20 years. as a twins fan, i know i am not allowed to love the yankees, but he is what an athlete should aspire to! ;)

have an awesome weekend! 

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  1. Good Luck at the Duathlon!!! And Daphne would look adorable as a giraffe!