Friday, September 5, 2014

day 259: kindness carousel {week 23}

this is a good one, folks!
each week, i gather the raddest {and most feelgood-y} links from around the web & share them here!

1) theres still time to plant our seed & paper flower coins! {indoors, of course!} each produces beautiful wildflowers!

2) looking to do something awesome? {of course you are!} this woman is a special needs teacher, with a classroom of 21 students, all on the autism spectrum. she is trying to raise money to purchase a therapy dog for her classroom! so awesome! you can find out more here.

3) my awesome friend vanessa posted about recently turning 30 & the lessons she has learned along the way! 

4) have you read any of these books? ---> 9 books about social justice to read this fall

5) i DO love books! fall is my favorite time to read ; covered in a blanket with the windows open! here is a list of 275 books to add to your 'to-read' list!

6) isn't this scarf beautiful? it was handwoven in india ; noonday has so many beautiful items & all to help make the world a better place!

7) did i share this story already? either way, its worth sharing again!
2,200 animals in north texas were adopted in ONE day! stories like this make my heart SO huge!
8) &have you seen this video yet? oh my gosh, SO beautiful! and awesome! and infectious. i love it!

see you tomorrow! 

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