Monday, October 27, 2014

day 282 : half-marathon training plan {week 1}

alright, i am going to do it!
sign up for a half-marathon! {this one}
i am really not a huge fan of running {biking comes so much easier to me} ; but have always wanted to be a stronger runner! right now, i am pretty slow ; so i know that following a great plan will help me build my endurance and shave time off my mile.

i am following a 20-week training plan that starts today! i will be using this space to track & record my progress each week. {i use to run a fitness // vegan // lifestyle blog and i actually miss having a space to record race training and my fitness endeavors}

i will be following this run // walk program!
week 1 // 
monday 27th: 30 min run // run 1min + walk 2min {repeat 10x}
tuesday 28th: cross train 30-60min {hot yoga // bike ride // barre}
wednesday 29th: 30 min run // run 1min + walk 2min {repeat 10x}
thursday 30th: rest
friday 31st: cross train 30-60min {hot yoga or bike ride}
saturday 1st: run 3miles // run 1min + walk 2min
sunday 2nd: 60min of hot yoga

i apologize for no photos!
have you completed a half? is there a certain race // ride that you have your sights on?

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  1. AH! You are so brave to do a March half marathon! I did the 7k of this and only recommend it to those who want to party, but the half is much better managed (so I have heard).