Saturday, October 25, 2014

day 280 : apple picking + mini-recipe round-up {Fall Be Nice Box}

the fall be nice box {still available!} contains 30 acts of kindness, 10 tangible items & a rad gift for the subscriber! 
i am going to take the next few weeks to showcase ALL of the good deeds from the box! 
{you can see a full recap of the box here}

todays good deed : #5 go apple // pumpkin picking

this is actually one of the first years in a really long time that we haven't gone to an apple farm to pick our own apples. lucky for us, we live a block away from a co-op and have two weekly farmers markets within 5 blocks of us! there are plenty of local apples for us to purchase! 

apples are easily one of my favorite fruits & i usually eat 2 apples a day {cut up and dipped in peanut butter is my favorite!}

i have gathered a few of my favorite apple recipes below :
1) apple nachos ---> here

2) apple cheddar biscuits ---> here

3) butternut squash & apple pizza ---> here

4) apple quinoa salad ---> here

tell us : have you picked apples yet? whats your favorite way to eat them? 

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  1. Apple picking is one of the best parts of fall in my book! :) We just went apple and pumpkin picking at a wonderful little farm last weekend and have been eating the apples straight up, but I also made an apple dip with silken tofu that's been a hit all around.