Monday, October 6, 2014

day 270 : my newest project // #52coffees

happy monday, everybody!
the fall be nice boxes have shipped {i have two i'm delivering today and three more i have to drop off later this week}, but WHEW, it feels awesome to have them out in the universe! i worked really, really hard on them & am excited to see folks spread kindness! ps : the boxes are still available until early december, so there is STILL time for you to grab one for yourself or gift to a friend! {visit the shop here}
{aimee shared this picture of her fall box & i LOVE it!}

lets talk about #52coffees! 
last year, i saw someone use the hashtag and explain her goal. in 52 weeks {one year} she wanted to have coffee with 52 folks. i LOVE this! and, fall is such a great season to start new goals {at least for me!}
so, starting TODAY, i will be meeting with 52 folks, over the course of a year! i already have had over 30 people express interest {which is awesome}
some people, i have met in real life {not many} other folks, are people i have followed // followed me through social media, but never met. i have a few people on my list who have no idea who i am, but are doing really incredible things that i want to reach out to {local radio host & a woman doing INCREDIBLE things in the somali community!}
there are no real rules! some folks will meet for coffee. or maybe brunch. or maybe donuts {those people will probably be my favorite}. or maybe a bike ride. or a run around the lake. {you get the picture!}
we will talk about things. like donuts. and biking. and maybe dogs. or our favorite books. and our favorite backstreet boys songs {as long as you love me ; duh!}
like i said ; no real rules.
my main goal for this project is to really be more intentional with my time & the folks i surround myself with.

the folks who have expressed interest in this project are doing cool things {working for rad companies, running their own businesses, and generally making the world better!} ; so after each meeting, i will do a recap on the blog, so you can get to know these folks better, too.

ps: do you live nearby? or planning a trip to the cities? want to connect? 
lets do it!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to have coffee with you! That would be the coolest thing EVER!

    I really like this idea & I may have to try it. Does Skype coffee dates count? :)

    Mandie ~