Thursday, October 2, 2014

day 269 : October goals!

its October! 
definitely one of my favorite months of the year! i love fall ; the hoodies, burning candles, crunching leaves, leaving windows open all day. and more. and more. and more! 

i have some 'heavy' posts i want to share soon, but for today, i am keeping it light and sharing my goals for the month.
isn't this photo the best? those capes are included in the Kindness Superhero Box! 

october 2014 goals : 
1) practice yoga // barre 10x
2) run 10x
3) make loan payment to mom {my mom gave me some money this spring & i am ready to start paying her back}
4) register for spring half-marathon
5) start a new part-time job {i have two jobs lined up, but neither have started yet ; fingers crossed for next wee!}
6) read 4 books {i have 9 library books sitting on my bedside table!}
7) blog 20x {my goal is to finish this project before jan 1st ; ideally, ill have to blog 25-30+ days}
8) start purging the apartment ; every room and every drawer // shelf. the change in seasons always motivates me to clean out things we aren't using.
9) fulfill a local order for grab bags {fingers crossed for finishing this by saturday}
10) #100happydays for both instagram accounts. i really want to be better with documenting small, everyday moments and want to take a photo a day on both IG accounts ; you can follow me here & here
11) meet 3-4 people for #52coffees {i will blog about this soon, but i am really pumped to try this new social challenge // experiment}
12) make my initial investment back from the Kindness Superhero Box! running a business can be a lot of money up front, man.
13) reopen my etsy shop for winter wear 
14) launch the Kindness Ambassador Program {another thing i am excited to blog about soon!}
15) plan the winter Be Nice Box
16) get all BNB budgets in order {this has been on my list for MONTHS!}
17) update tax sheet and sales maps {also something that i have been meaning to do for a long time}
18) super-purge the craft room {its a tornado in there, guys!}

tell me your goals for the month!


  1. Great goals, friend! Cheers to a wonderful October!!

  2. So inspiring, keep up the great work!

  3. Good goals! Happy October, my awesome friend! :)

    Mandie ~