Friday, October 24, 2014

day 279 : kindness carousel {week 25}

today, i am at a conference about NGOs ; i am super excited to meet awesome folks who are working hard to change the world.
tomorrow is the MN Blog Conference!

check out the links below to find some of the coolest content from around the internet!

1) did you check out my review of manitoba harvest hemp hearts? this recipe for banana chocolate hemp brownies looks awesome!
2) are you a fan of andrew mcmahon? {he's the genius behind something corporate & jack's mannequin!} he just released a new album AND he's coming to the cities next week! he just did this interview & it makes me SO in awe of his talent! {i still remember exactly where i was in 2002, the first time i heard 'if u see jordan' on the local college radio station!}
3) one of my october goals has been to super-purge our apartment! i only have the kitchen left, but have already taken 4 big loads to the recycling AND i have a huge ikea bag FULL of things to donate! this article offers 5 questions to ask when decluttering.
4) this story brought me to tears! the acts of kindness between two rival schools ; proves that there is ALWAYS room for kindness!
5) my sweet friend hannah posted this picture of her friend completing one of the good deeds from the fall box! {ps : fall boxes are STILL available!}

6) LOVE this! photos of children around the world & what they eat for breakfast.

7) another one that makes me cry --> the Boston Opera House launched an Autism-friendly showing of The Lion King! as someone who has worked in the Autism community ; this makes my heart SO full!
8) the folks at Minneapolis Happening wrote this sweet article about the Be Nice Box!

what other awesome things have you read this week?

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  1. Very cool about the Autism friendly show! Johnny isn't on the Autism spectrum (at least not officially) but his theater etiquette is unique (tends to talk loudly when he's bored and can't be reasoned with) so I love the idea of going to a show where we wouldn't have to feel so bad about his chatting.