Tuesday, October 21, 2014

day 276 : #52coffees // week 1

last week, i wrote about my newest social project ; #52coffees! 
{you can read all the details here}
the idea is that i will connect with one person a week, for the next year. there really aren't any rules ; just me, someone awesome & some time chatting. some folks, i have never met. others, i have. like i said, no rules. my big goal is to be more intentional with my time & energy.

i kicked off this series with wendy jacobson, who runs a digital magazine called 'minneapolis happening!'

we met at the dunn brothers in linden hills & chatted for a couple hours! we talked about the kindness business {she wrote a sweet story about the box here}, moving around, families, rescue pups, and more! 

i find that i am just so inspired by people who take big steps, follow their dreams and do rad things! along with that, its so cool to see how many people i am surrounded by who are doing just that! {just to clarify, you don't have to quit your job & move across the country to be inspiring!} i am SO pumped to kick off this #52coffees project ; so many awesome humans to connect with!

also, if you live in the twin cities {or plan on visiting} ; be sure to check out minneapolis happening! lots of great articles, resources and a calendar full of upcoming events! 

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