Wednesday, October 22, 2014

day 277 : share wedding photos with my family

two weekends ago, my baby sister got married. 
and while they hired a professional photographer {which, by the way, i have seen a couple of sneak peeks & they are going to be SO beautiful!} ; blake spent the day taking photos. {since i was the maid of honor, i didn't take as many.}

i gathered some of my favorite shots {hello, it was outside and the trees were so colorful!}, printed them out & sent them to various family members!

i try to send my grandpa {my dads dad} a couple letters each month. he likes to hear about daphne, our bike trips & 'living in the big city.' i always try to include a few photos, because hello, grandparents love photos! 

this photo of my sister, grandpa & i might be one of my favorite pictures on the planet! i know that the lighting isn't awesome & as far as 'perfect pictures' goes, its not, but LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS! 

also, another one of the bridesmaids did my makeup {i don't even own makeup outside of one liquid eyeshadow & a mascara!} & it looked so great! and isn't blake's shiny tie awesome?

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  1. I love the pics with Grandpa, he does look very happy to be around his beautiful granddaughters. :)

    Mandie ~