Monday, October 20, 2014

day 275 : Fall Be Nice Box REVEAL

happy monday, all! 
tonight, blake & i are heading out to see anberlin play their very last mpls show EVER! we are both pretty big fans & knowing this is their last tour is making me all emotional! i had an old boyfriend back in 2005 make me a mix cd with 'audrey! start the revolution!' on it & they have been one of my favorites ever since! 

anyways, lets talk about the fall box! 

this is our very first quarterly box & contains a list of 30 acts of kindness to complete, 10 {awesome} tangible items to help complete some items on the list, along with a handmade gift! 
boxes are STILL available & will be until the very beginning of december.
you guys, i am really proud of how these boxes turned out! 
also, we have new boxes, a new shipping & labeling system and had the chance to work with some really great folks! also, we changed the way we present the good deeds {which i am super pumped about!}

{ps : winter boxes are now on sale & you can grab one here
with past monthly boxes, i have written out each of the good deeds, but since there are 30 {and because this box is such a fun surprise!}, i am going to pass this time around! BUT, on the bottom of the post, you can find out about all of the awesome companies & artists we worked with this month! 

INCLUDED in the boxes // You Are Beautiful gift wrap from YAB // paint chip gift tags // KINDNESS bookmark made by Taeamade // salt dough ornaments // hand-wrapped yarn mini-wreath // TWO bars of soap from Hope Soap Project // Big Bloomer card from bloomin' {each card has a plantable piece that you can take off & plant!} // 'you've been ghosted' tags from Artsyville // two mini-boxes of Glee Gum // a crocus bulb from Eden Brothers // two notecards with handmade envelopes from Elizabeth Millard
and your gift : this awesome Give Thanks garland designed by DajonSmiles
{she also designed all of the good deed cards that were included}
{PS : if you are looking for graphic design work ; let her know! she's awesome!}

{i just want to give a HUGE thank you to all the amazing folks who have supported me & this little business in the past year ; my gratitude is infinite!}

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