Sunday, November 2, 2014

day 287 : Give Thanks & my favorite graphic designer {FALL BE NICE BOX}

november, you guys! 
the winters here can be cold & brutal, but there is something so amazing about getting ready for a new season {and a new year!}

we made quite a few changes to the be nice box, when we launched the fall box {yep, still available! grab one here} one of those changes was making individual good deed cards. {in the past, there was a treasure map with all of the good deeds drawn on}
there are 30 good deed cards & they turned out SO great! they are small enough to put a couple in your wallet, tape to the fridge or slip in an envelope for a friend // stranger! 

i was so lucky to have my sweet friend dajon design the cards for the box!
also, {because, seriously, she's so great!} she made the gift for the boxes! 
every box contained a fun paper garland that reads 'give thanks!}

if you are looking for a designer, dajon recently launched her newest design project called 'brand happy.' {i highly recommend her!!}

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  1. I actually have to blog about my Be Nice Box & what I did with some of the goodies. I still have more to hand out! :)

    Mandie ~